I believe citizens have the duty to step up and create the change we need in government. Ever since November 2016’s election, women of all walks of life are stepping up to challenge the status quo. We need to make government work for the people. We need to safeguard our democracy. And we need to make the County Clerk office more accessible to the people we serve.

Student Voting and participation

Currently, Texas requires schools to register voting age students to vote, however, the laws in place are not enforced, nor are schools supported in this venture. Elections are handled by the Elections Director, however, there are things that the county clerk can do to help with this issue.

I will work to:

  • Encourage him to make sure that Williamson County schools have support in registering their students, and will be working to visit schools.
  • Make it possible for the County Commissioner's Court to have periodic meetings at schools in the county so that students, parents, and teachers have more opportunities to see their government in action.
  • Create a Junior/Senior intern program within the County Clerk's office, both during the summer and "After School" so that students have opportunities to learn how their government works while also practicing good office skills.

Transparency and Education

Currently, most voters do not know what the County Clerk does and what kind of impact that a County Clerk can have on the county.

I will work to:

  • Make available an extensive knowledge base that not only includes how to accomplish utilizing the services of the office - but will also advertise the benefits of the services that the clerk offers.
  • Bring together the resources of the office into a single place so that everything is visible and accessible.
  • Publish a monthly newsletter that people can sign up to receive in their emails, but will also be sure to release regular press releases on what the office is working on, and has achieved.


The ability to file online and to bring everything into one place effectively and cleanly requires innovative and secure technologies to accomplish. I will be working to utilize the technologies available to the clerks' office efficiently and also to develop technologies (likes Apps) that will allow online filing and effective administration throughout. For those that do not have easy access to a County Clerk's office or internet at home, I will be working with libraries throughout the county to make sure that they have the ability to access our systems and allow people to file online and access their information through the library systems.

Your Data

Currently, the County Clerk does not offer a single portal for data and research for constituents. I will be working on making sure that an individual can log in, see all the information that the County Clerk has for them, and for them to have a place to save and organize their research as well. This way when you get a piece of mail related to the County Clerks or Taxes, you will be able to log in and not only see more information about how to address the letter, but the letter and all the historical information related to it will be available to you.

It's your data, you should be able to see it!

Office Hours

Currently, the county clerk's offices are open from 8-4 (5 in some cases), Monday through Friday. So if you have to use the office, and you have a normal job, you have to take time off work. I will work not only to extend office hours but to bring the office to people throughout the county with online filing and a mobile office.