Campaign Core Issues


People should be able to trust in their access to clean drinking water, we need to support decentralization of utilities by incentivizing moving off local utilities and onto onsite alternatives for electricity and water when possible, providing resources to counties and municipalities to upgrade their pipe systems, and making sure that we are protecting our aquifers and groundwaters Having access to the internet in the home is directly related to success in school, it’s time to make sure that every home in the state has access to broadband internet. We have got to treat Climate Change like the emergency it is, making plans for every community for extreme weather, closing the holes in regulations left open specifically for the Fossil Fuel industry and stop subsidizing the industry, making sure that we are planting every acre we can.

Electoral Reform

Communities deserve to vote together. Working for fair districting for this map and adding an Independent board for the next set is the best way to ensure that communities get to vote together with a voice that is fairly weighted.


We need to make medicinal cannabis more encompassing - allowing Doctors to write recommendations for whatever the Doctors normally see patients for, including chronic pain and PTSD. We need to allow people to cultivate their own Recreational - no blue laws, tax to support education and healthcare and allowing for home cultivation Justice - dismiss and expunge existing cases/convictions, taxes go to fund grant programs for Communities of Color most directly impacted by prohibition, licenses prioritized for POC

Healthy Texas

Brings life back to Rural healthcare by lowering the uninsured rate Provides additional support for Veterans who have to wait or travel for VA care Helps Small Business owners by allowing them to compete without worrying about health insurance