Thank you for coming to our COVID-19 Response page, the times we are in are like nothing most of us have seen, and it's more important than ever that we band together as a community.

There are resources all over the internet, so I won't repost all of them here, the most comprehensive resource I've seen for Central Texas to date is Christine Mann's page on COVID-19 which I've linked below, she's been busy showing us exactly why we need her in Congress, that's for sure! So check it out.

Stay home, Stay Safe, and I hope that you can join me in participating in this disaster with love.

Yours in Service,

Jessica Tiedt

Christine Mann's COVID-19 Response Site

Julie Oliver's COVID-19 Resource Page

Clayton Tucker's COVID-19 Resource Page

Williamson County's COVID-19 Response Page

Burnet County's COVID-19 Response Page

Milam County's COVID-19 Response Page