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Core Values

My top three values are Fairness, Compassion, and Stewardship

Someone asked me today about my values and I have to be honest, no one had asked me about this before.

Values are important, but often times we think of them in the abstract, or to use as a guideline. I personally looked to figure out what three values drive me most to answer this question. So I chose Fairness, Compassion, and Stewardship.

My sense of fairness can be a little obnoxious, especially if you play games with me. I'm the kind of person who holds onto the rule book and re-reads entire sections to determine if a play or move is legit, rules lawyering is a long tradition in my family. I also tend to not play board or card games where the rules are next to impossible to apply fairly. I've been known to try to figure out the necessary "house rules" we'd have to add and document to make a game more fair to play. In politics, I'm not that much different - if a law or policy unfairly impacts a group of people more then others, you better bet I'm going to have an opinion about it, and want to fight to change it.

Compassion is a trait that I believe we can constantly work at and improve in ourselves, it comes out sometimes in obvious ways through charity work and volunteerism, and other times it comes out in less obvious ways. The things we go out of our way to do for others, and the direction that we provide to our government on world issues and how to treat our refugees. All of these things give us opportunities to show compassion.

Stewardship is also very important to me, this drives my passions in green energy and agriculture technologies - leaving a better world for the generations to come after us is a deeply personal ambition. I have 7 nieces and nephews and I refuse to imagine a world where I have to explain to them that I just didn't have the time or energy to ensure that they'd have clean water, food, and air for their own children and grandchildren. Eventually, we will have to explain what we did in these times to children learning about it from history books and I for one hope to tell them with pride that I fought for things like the end to fracturing the earth for oil that was only used to further pollute the air, and to promote the green renewable energies that helped us replace the use of oil and coal as a fuel entirely. I hope that I'll be able to tell them about how I helped return the plains back to their native state by raising bison and that at least some of them will continue the tradition of stewardship that my husband and I hold dear.

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